For the Parents


Welcome Parents!! 

I am excited and honored to be teaching Math 7 and 8 this year at Skaneateles Middle School!  I hope to make this experience  a fun filled and successful one for both you and your child!  To do this, it is important that I learn about each of my students as individuals, but that I also learn about you, their guardians too.  I would love if each of you were able to meet with me at some point during the school year.  Please call me at 123-4567 or email me at to set up a time to come in and meet with me!  Also, check out my home page to see more information about my contact information.  Lastly, make sure you fill out the parent contact information sheet that I sent home with your child.  This is for me to have some general information about you and your child.  If you need another sheet, let me know!! I hope to hear from all of you very soon!! :)


General Information:

Throughout grades 3-8, our mathematics team focuses on many different concepts.  You can find a list of these concepts and topics by visiting the New York State Education website.  This link is broken down by each grade, 3-8, but also a guidance and schedule for teachers as to what topics and concepts should be covered.

Visit the Skaneateles school website to find school related information including:

Tips for successful math students:

Please help your children become successful math students by encouraging the implementation of the following tips. 

  • Utilizing an assignment notebook consistently and correctly.
  • Taking no longer than 40 minutes on a nightly homework assignment.  If your child is struggling or taking longer, then please note this and have the student contact me.
  • Asking questions in and out of class and contact me for extra help.
  • Being prepared for class.  This means coming with notebook, pencils (erasers too!!!), calculator, and text book.
  • Completing all assignments on time and with best effort.
  • Always having a POSITIVE ATTITUDE!


Unique to my classroom:

In addition to nightly homework assignments, projects, and exams, students will be completing weekly reflections in which they will be connecting current curriculum to past lessons and experiences.


Progress Book for Parents

As always, you can go to the Progress Book for Parents to access your child's grade and to see what assignments have or have not been turned in.  You will need your child's login name and password.  Call the office at 123-4567 if you need this information or email me at  Also, be sure to check out my grading policy.