Grading and Expectations

Miss Raymond’s Expectations and Grading Policy
Math 7 & 8
2009-2010 Academic Year


In order to be successful in my classroom, I expect that my students not only participate in class, but that they follow the rules set specifically to my classroom and to Skaneateles Middle school.  This means not only following the student handbook, but also coming to class prepared every day, being respectful of me and all other students, turning in work on time and with best effort, always having a positive attitude in my classroom, and coming to me sooner than later if you have a problem or if you need any help.

Participation will count towards your overall grade.  This means being prepared with your materials, arriving on time, behaving, doing your work, and limiting absences.  When you miss class it is your responsibility to check the absence bin for notes/work or with me if you missed a quiz/test.  You will need to complete the assignments within 2 days of absence or receive a zero.



Grades for each semester are determined by dividing all of the points you have earned during the marking period by all the points possible.  Although it varies for each semester, you can expect that your grades will roughly consist of:

Tests 45%   Quizzes and Projects 25%        Homework 20%      Participation 10%

Tests will be given at the end of every unit.  I will always inform you of an exam at least 3 days before and will provide a review packet/practice test, which I will either count as homework or as bonus points towards the test.  They can also be corrected to earn back ½ of the points that you lost or you can take a makeup exam that I provide.  I will always keep the higher of your two grades. 

Quizzes will likely be given once a week, unless we’re having an exam.  I will have notebook checks each semester which will also count as a quiz grade, so make sure you have a binder to keep your math notes organized in.

Homework will be assigned almost every night and will vary from worksheets, book work, projects, test review packets, etc.  Homework will either be checked by me or put in the homework bin at the beginning of class.  It will be graded on a 2 point scale where 0 is incomplete, 1 is satisfactory, and 2 is completed sufficiently.  I don’t expect that you always get each question right to earn a 2, but you need to attempt each question and show your work.  Also, we all forget things, so everyone will get 1 ‘free’ homework pass each semester!  I will accept late homework by the end of the day that it is due, but you will only receive half credit for it.  **Remember, a 2 point assignment may not seem like a lot, but it will add up.**

Extra credit will be given out at least once per semester.  It could range from a simple worksheet to a mini project.  Either way, any extra credit will be added to your lowest scoring exam of the semester.  Make sure you use this to your advantage!


Modifications are necessary in every classroom.  Each student needs to be treated fairly and provided with every opportunity for success in my classroom.  If you need a modification, please come see me!  It is my goal to fit your individual needs and abilities. 

Questions are always welcome and strongly encouraged!  Please ask questions during class! And please see me to discuss your grade, if you have any questions, need help, or if you need anything else!! :)