Math 8

Miss Raymond's Math 8


Welcome to 8th grade math!!  This year we will be expanding on many of the skills that you have learned in previous grades.  We will be working with algebra, geometry, measurements, number sense and operation, many types of problem solving techniques, we will be starting trigonometry, and doing a unit on translations as well.  We will do many different and creative projects this year that will we be able to display on our boards outside and inside the classroom!  I look forward to starting this fun year having a blast while doing this projects with  you!!



Each day I will post your homework on this Math 8 link, so make sure you check this site every night to see what is for homework.   I also have an upcoming assignments section so you know if there is a test or project coming up anytime soon.  I promise, no big surprises here!! :)


Homework is always due next class day, unless otherwise noted by me.  It is also your responsibility, if you have any questions, to ask them before the assignment is due.  Have fun!!!!!

Date Assigned  
 Assignment Description
 5/24/10 Translations Worksheet
 Remember to show your work!
 5/24/10 Extra Credit
 Tessellations Drawing due 5/28/10.
 5/25/10 P 125 #'s 1-30 even  Reflections
 5/26/10 Rotations Project Complete drawings and show rotation rules, due 5/31.
 5/27/10 Study!!  Quiz on Transformations.
 5/28/10 Weekly Reflection See Below
 Upcoming Assignments, Tests, Projects...
Due Date
 6/8/10 Unit Test  
 6/12/10 Rotations Project Due 


Weekly Reflections:  You are to  summarize what you have learned from the previous week's math classes.  It should be no longer than one page and it should include

  • a summary of the previous week's math classes
  • examples to show your understanding of concepts learned
  • at least one question that you have about the material that was covered
  • comments about the material covered... do you feel confident with what you have learned?