Math Fun



Use these links to find helpful math tools, fun games, movies about math, and even some really interesting math websites!!

Math Help:

AAA Math

Math is fun

Math Goodies
These sites are great.  They have tutorials, worksheets, games, puzzles, homework help, and more!  They even help go through math concepts and topics step by step.  There is fun stuff too!


Math Games, puzzles, and activities:

Cool Math Sites

Math Playground
These three sites above are full of neat math games, activities, and tutorials.

Who wants to be a Mathionaire?  Try this game using math questions.

GCF and LCM practice
This game is a good practice of greatest common factor and least common multiple.

Integer product game
This is a great game for parents and kids to practice their integer multiplication skills.

Top Quark Game
Remember the game Battle Ship?  This is it, but re-invented!  It tests your knowledge of coordinate Geometry.

Locate the bug
This is another coordinate game.

Comparing all three
This game helps you compare fractions, decimals, and percents.

The Fractionator
This site helps you learn decimal and fraction equivalences.


Interesting and cool sites about math:

Number gossip
Put in any number and it will give you really neat facts about it!

Pattern Palace
This site has some fun math activities!  There are some science and art ones too!

Flatland the movie
This is a really neat movie, based on a book by Edwin Abbott.  It's about geometry, relationships between sides and angles, dimensions, and whole lot more!  Check out the movie trailer!